Is My Project Eligible?

Is My Project Eligible?

Central England Co-operative is committed to serving its local communities and welcomes applications for community projects from employees and members. In 2015, we proudly put 1% of our trading profit back into the community. How many other retailers do you know that do that?

If you think your local community would benefit from a project that requires some help with funding, then hopefully we can help.

Below are ten checks to help you understand if your project is eligible for a Community Dividend award:

1. Please note that you can only apply for a Community Dividend award if you have been a member of Central England Co-operative for at least 6 months.

2. Please note that applications for building-related projects will only be considered if they relate to self-contained projects (e.g. classroom conversions or kitchen refurbishments).

3. Applications for contributions to major capital build/refurbishment projects will not be eligible. Successful applicants will need to demonstrate their proximity to a Central England Co-operative trading outlet.

4. All successful applicants will be expected to co-operate fully with the Public Relations department of Central England Co-operative in publicising the award, should they decide that there is a publicity opportunity.

5. Central England Co-operative Society should be fully acknowledged wherever possible in all subsequent publicity.

6. The Society’s word is final on applications; there is no right of appeal and no feedback will be provided.

7. Successful applicants will not normally be allowed to reapply until two years have elapsed, following receipt of their award.

8. Successful applicants will be expected to use the funds solely for the purposes outlined in their application.

9. Should the project funding exceed the award made, the Society will not increase the amount of money awarded.

10. Central England Co-operative reserves the right to withhold payment of the award in full or in part, or to recover payment if this contract is breached, the group/project ceases to operate, or there is any evidence that the application has been made dishonestly or with incorrect or misleading information.

Successful awards will be given for four broad types of projects:

(i) Contributions towards the fund-raising efforts of a school, college, community organisation or group, residential or day-care facility or hospital project.

(ii) Contributions towards a voluntary, self-help or ‘not-for profit’ organisation other than those listed above.

(iii) Donations to a local charity or cause, or the local branch of a national charity, that will benefit the local community, for example the provision of equipment, enhancement of the physical environment, training or education programme.

(iv) Contributions to environmental and social projects that will enhance the local community or raise awareness of environmental issues amongst local residents.

The following requests for funding will not be supported:

(i) Start-up costs;

(ii) Awards that benefit one individual (for example personal equipment, bursaries or scholarships)

(iii) Awards for one-off events such as fetes or festivals

(iv) Awards for running costs such as staff costs or room hire

What happens now?

We will be making cash awards ranging from £100 to £5000 and we will be judging applications every three months. We consider applications every three months, closing dates for this year, can be found here.

We will normally inform you of our decision 12-16 weeks after the closing date.

Competition for these awards is extremely tough and there is a limited fund available. Please do not be too disappointed if your application is unsuccessful and rest assured, it will have received full and proper consideration.

Best of luck with your application and if you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us .

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